Our Aims

The aim of the service is to offer residential care and support as part of the community. The care and support will be provided for as long as they wish and as long as we can meet their individual needs. Support is offered on an individual basis, respecting their rights to informed choice, privacy and to be treated with dignity.

We aim to enable each person to maximise their independence by agreeing with them individual person-centred care plans, supporting them with risk-taking and encouraging the retention and development of daily life-skills. We will achieve this by enlisting the support of all relevant other professional services and organisations that may be necessary from time to time and according to the defined needs of the resident. Close liaison with community teams (including if necessary Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, GP Surgeries, Community Nurses and Community Psychiatric Nurses).

In addition, staff recruitment is rigorous and potential staff require a DBS check (applications are checked via the Disclosure and Barring Service), and at least two carefully cross-checked references. All new staff are interviewed by Managers and service users before employment. Staff’s training needs will be constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that appropriate skills and numbers of staff available match those required for the quality care and support of service users.

It is also considered imperative that the physical environment of the service should not only be conducive to a warm and friendly atmosphere, but that it should also offer (unobtrusively), security and safety for all persons living, working or visiting the Service.

The social, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual will be met by maintaining developing relationships with family, friends and social networks.

It is our aim to encourage service users to be as independent as possible but with the assistance available as required according to their needs. We particularly encourage the use of independent advocates wherever possible. We are keen to maintain and improve on individual’s quality of life.