Our Domiciliary Care Services

Royale Carers Limited provides supportive domilicary care, making it possible for our clients to remain at home whilst still receiving medical care or simply some assistance to ensure that our clients are able to continue with the activities of daily living.

Assistance with bodily function

Assistance with bodily functions such as feeding, bathing, showering, washing, dressing and toileting. We will provide the best assistance possible to ensure user satisfaction.

Assistance with daily activities

Assistance with daily activities such as helping the service user to get in and out of bed, making them their meals, and prompting, encouraging or helping them to eat it.

Advice and Supervision Care

Advice & supervision

Non-physical care such as advice, encouragement and supervision, relating to prompting a person to take their medication, or having a wash or bath and supervising them when needed.

Emotional Care Support

Emotional Support

Emotional & psychological support, including the promotion of social functioning and assistance with their outlook on their circumstances, during this period of their lives.

Respite Care

Respite Care

If you’re the main carer of the person you’re looking after, an occasional break from your caring responsibilities is a must. Please contact us for more information.

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