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A domiciliary care company that provides quality care to individuals with a difference.

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We conduct our business with honesty and integrity. It is our mission to fulfil our obligations and commitments time after time

Offering domilicary care to the community

What We Offer

We offer residential care and support as part of the community

Providing assistance to bodily functions

Our Care Services

We provide assistance with bodily functions and daily activities

Covering the entirety of Southend on Sea

Our Coverage

We cover the entirety of the Southend-On-Sea area and more

Our Mission

We are completely supportive of all of our people and we will do anything within our power to make things really work for our clients and deliver on our promise every time - that's why we can honestly say that we'll be there always.

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Our Domiciliary Care Services

Assistance in bodily function

Assistance with bodily function

Assistance with bodily functions such as feeding, bathing, showering, washing, dressing and toileting. We will provide the best assistance possible to ensure user satisfaction.

Assistance in daily activities

Assistance with daily activities

Assistance with daily activities such as helping the service user to get in and out of bed, making them their meals, and prompting, encouraging or helping them to eat it.

Advice, encouragement and supervision

Advice, encouragement & supervision

Non-physical care such as advice, encouragement and supervision, relating to prompting a person to take their medication, or having a wash or bath and supervising them, with support when needed.

Domiciliary Care Coverage in Southend

Southend on Sea
Thorpe Bay
Westcliff on Sea
Leigh on Sea
Great Wakering

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